Festival Ready: Boho Nail Designs for Summer

Summer is festival season. As live music and arts events start filling up our calendars, it’s time to start planning your festival fashion. And no boho-chic look is complete without a stylish manicure to match. Channel your inner flower child and get festival ready with these fun and easy bohemian nail art ideas. Free-spirited, retro and artsy – keep reading for tons of trendy inspo!

Boho nail art ideas from Pinterest

The Boho Nail Art Style

Boho nail designs encapsulate the laid-back, artistic vibe of the ’70s. When creating your own bohemian mani, keep these elements in mind:

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones nail art from Pinterest

Warm neutrals like taupes, tans and terracottas reflect the natural colors of the canyons and deserts. Sage greens, burnt oranges and moody purples capture the hues of the era’s textiles and tapestries.

Retro Florals

Retro floral nail art ideas from Pinterest

Boho style is defined by intricate floral motifs, often featuring daisies, roses and dainty blooms. Paint in a retro palette or mismatch colors for a collage effect.

Freeform Designs

Freeform nail art ideas from Pinterest

Capture the movement and rhythm of the era with abstract organic shapes. Doodles, swirls, paisleys and mandalas reflect the trippy graphics of the time.

Fringes and Tassels

Fringe nail art ideas from Pinterest

Fringed suede, macrame and swinging beads were staples of boho style. Recreate the texture on nails with brushed-on fringe effects,dropped charms, or appliqués.

Choosing Boho Base Colors

Earth-toned neutrals and faded pastels make the perfect bohemian base. But don’t be afraid to throw in some bright pops too!

Desert neutrals

Desert neutral nail art ideas from Pinterest

Sandy tans, warm taupes, muddy browns and clay terracottas reflect the desert landscapes of boho style. Matte polishes enhance the natural vibe.

Retro pastels

Retro pastel nail art ideas from Pinterest

Muted mint, lilac, peach and pistachio green mirror the faded hues of the era. Ombré tips or colorblocked bands create 70’s depth.

Neon brights

Neon boho nail art ideas from Pinterest

Pops of neon pink, green and orange add psychedelic flair. Use glossy or jelly finishes to amplify the intensity. Pair with retro motifs.

Quintessential Boho Nail Art Motifs

Add artistic details with these iconic bohemian motifs to complete your festival nails.


Daisy nail art ideas from Pinterest

No flower captures the free-spirited era quite like the daisy. Paint singles or full floral fields using the classic color combo of white and yellow.

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Dreamcatcher nail art ideas from Pinterest

Symbolizing spirituality and connection, the woven dreamcatcher is an iconic boho emblem. Use stringy lines to recreate the web-like shape and dangling feathers.

Evil Eye

Evil eye nail art ideas from Pinterest

The protective evil eye motif was hugely popular in the era. Paint in blue and white or embellish with stickers and charms.


Boho symbol nail art ideas from Pinterest

Peace signs, yin yangs, arrows and celestial symbols reflect the spiritual awakening of the time. Recreate in mini on one or two accent nails.


Macrame nail art ideas from Pinterest

Woven textures and knotted patterns nod to the wildly popular macrame craft. Use string appliqués or paint freehand for a textured look.

Boho Nail Art Techniques

Recreate the earthy, handcrafted style with these artistic finishing techniques:

Ombré Dipping

Dip tips in diluted polish to fade the color from light to dark, evoking sunbleached hues.

Brushed Metallics

Dry brush silver, gold and copper metallics over matte neutrals. Blend the edges for an oxidized effect.

Matte Top Coat

Remove the shine with a matte topper. The velvet effect fits perfectly with earthy boho themes.

Glitter Ombré

Apply glitter gradients for a sparkling sun-kissed look. Encapsulate with top coat to smooth.


Use etched stamping plates to add intricate boho motifs like florals, paisleys and mandalas.

Boho Nail Art Design Ideas

For festival-worthy nail art, look no further than these bohemian design concepts:

Flower Child

Flower child nail art ideas from Pinterest

Capture the flower power era with retro daisies, roses, wildflowers and floral motifs. Accent with leaves, ladybugs or butterflies.

Desert Vibes

Desert nail art ideas from Pinterest

Sandy neutrals, warm terra cottas, and desert plants like cactuses and agave evoke the bohemian landscapes of the American Southwest.

Fringe Tips

Fringe nail art ideas from Pinterest

Brush on free-flowing plumage along the tips for seriously groovy fringe. Pair with beads, feathers and woven details.

Concert Nails

Concert nail art ideas from Pinterest

Get stage ready with your favorite band motifs. Guitars, microphones, musical notes, lyrics – rock out in true festival style.


Psychedelic nail art ideas from Pinterest

Trippy abstract prints, optical illusions, tie dye, rainbow swirls and kaleidoscopic geometry channel the visuals of bohemian psychedelia.


Let your free spirit shine and get festival ready with boho nail art! Earthy tones, retro florals, and bold graphics capture the artistry of the era. Recreate the handmade look with ombré, brushwork, matte finishes and cool motifs. So slip on your suede fringe vest, pile on the puka shell necklaces, and paint on these far out nail designs. Peace, love and flower power!


What are the main elements of boho nail art?

Earth tones, faded pastels, retro florals, nature motifs, freeform designs, fringes and spiritual symbols encompass the bohemian aesthetic.

What techniques create a boho nail look?

Try ombré dipping, dry brushing, matte top coat, glitter gradients, and stamping for cool boho textures.

What motifs work well for boho festival nails?

Daisies, dreamcatchers, evil eyes, peace signs, and macrame patterns capture a bohemian vibe.

What colors reflect a bohemian style?

Earthy neutrals like tan, terra cotta and sage green work well. Faded pastels and bright pops of neon also match the era’s palette.

How do you get a bohemian look for summer music festivals?

Start with a neutral base in an earth tone, sand or faded pastel. Add artistic details like florals, paisleys, fringe or nature motifs. Finish with ombré, stamping or matte effects. Jewel embellishments optional!

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