Tropical Fruits: Kiwi Nail Art for Summer

As summer approaches, fun tropical nail art designs are the perfect way to get your nails vacation-ready. And what’s a more iconic and delicious tropical fruit than the kiwi? Its bright green flesh flecked with black seeds makes the kiwi a fun motif to recreate on your nails. Painting freehand kiwi slices allows you to bring a refreshing, fruity touch of the tropics to your manicure. Read on to learn how to create cute kiwi nail art for summer!

Supplies Needed

You only need a few basic supplies to recreate juicy kiwi slices on your nails:

Base and Top Coat

nail art supplies

Prepping with base coat and sealing with top coat helps the design last.

Green Nail Polish

A bright lime green hue is perfect for depicting the green flesh of a kiwi slice.

Black Nail Polish

Use black polish to add kiwi seeds on top of the green base.

Dotting Tool

A dotting tool helps in creating the circular kiwi seeds.

Step-by-Step Instructions

kiwi nail art tutorial

Ready to recreate fresh kiwi slices on your nails? Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply Base Coat

Start by applying base coat to prep nails for polish and help it adhere.

2. Paint Green Base

Apply 2-3 coats of bright lime green polish to mimic the kiwi’s green flesh.

3. Paint On Kiwi Slices

Use black polish to paint on uneven, oval kiwi slice shapes on each nail.

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4. Fill In Seeds

Take your dotting tool and black polish to dot on circular kiwi seeds.

5. Finish with Top Coat

Seal in your fruity kiwi slices with a shiny, protective top coat.

Design Variations

kiwi nail designs

Switch up the look of your kiwi nails with these fun variations:

Geometric Kiwi

For a modern twist, paint rectangular, triangle, or square kiwi slices instead.

Minimalist Kiwi

Try a simple design with black outlines and small green color blocks.

Glitter Kiwi

Incorporate gold, silver, or holographic glitter for a sparkly, festive look.

Sliced Kiwi Half

Paint half a kiwi complete with green flesh, black seeds, and fuzzy brown peel.

Watercolor Kiwi

Use blotting techniques and gradated green tones to create a soft watercolor look.

Maintenance Tips

nail care tips

Make your fruity kiwi nail art last longer with these easy care tips:

Use Thin Polish Layers

Multiple thin coats prevent chipping better than thick globs of polish.

Wrap Your Nail Tips

“Wrapping” the tips as you paint seals in color to avoid tip wear.

Use Quick Dry Top Coat

Seche Vite and similar top coats set polish fast to prevent smudging.

Moisturize Cuticles

Hydrated cuticles help polish adhere smoothly to the nail.

Avoid Picking at Nails

Picking at your manicure can pull it off, so resist temptation!

Complement Your Look

tropical accessories

Play up the tropical fruit vibes of your kiwi nails with these accessories:

Fruit Prints

Wear tropical fruit printed shorts, dresses, kimonos or scarves.

Woven Accessories

Carry a woven straw bag or wear woven hats and sandals.

Beaded Jewelry

Layer on wood, shell, and bead bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

Floral Prints

Tropical floral prints on sundresses, sarongs, or shoes coordinate well.

Bright Makeup

Try pairing with bright lime green eyeliner for a fun pop of color.


Kiwi nail art is a playful, refreshing way to tropicalize your manicure for summer. Painting juicy green slices dotted with seeds allows you to wear this iconic fruit on your fingertips. Switch up the designs and details to keep it fun and creative. With the right prep and care, your mani will stay fresh as long as you do. Accessorize the look with other fruity prints and textures. Your kiwi nails will have you craving piƱa coladas and beach time all season long!


What polish colors work best for kiwi?

A bright lime green for the flesh and true black for the seeds are ideal for depicting kiwis.

What’s the best tool for painting the seeds?

A dotting tool lets you quickly and evenly apply the circular black seeds.

How can I avoid smudging the polish?

Work slowly, brace your hands on a table, don’t touch nails until fully dry, and use quick-dry top coat.

How long does kiwi nail art last?

With proper prep and top coat it can last 5-7 days without chipping or wearing away.

Can I recreate kiwis on short nails?

Absolutely! Just adjust the size and design to fit smaller nails.

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