Delicate Lace: Lace Nail Designs for Summer

As the weather heats, preparing your nails for a delicate, summery style is time. One of the prettiest options this season is lace nail art. Intricate lace patterns instantly dress up your manicure for a feminine, romantic look. Whether you love whites and neutrals or bold, colourful designs, lace covers you. Learn how to create stunning lace nail art perfect for the warm weather!

Supplies Needed For Lace Nail Designs

Recreating lace on your nails only requires a few essential items. Here’s what you’ll need:

Base and Top Coat

nail art supplies

Prepping with a base coat and finishing with a top coat prevent chipping and peeling.

White Nail Polish

A good opaque white polish acts as the base for your lace design.

Detail Brush

A thin nail art brush allows you to paint intricate lace details.

Sheer Neutrals

Polishes in nudes, pinks, and taupes create a dainty lace effect against the white.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Ready to transform your nails into a lacey work of art? Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply Base Coat

Start by applying base coat to protect nails and help polish adhere.

2. Paint White Base

Apply 2-3 thin coats of opaque white polish over each nail and let fully dry.

3. Paint Lace Pattern

Use your detail brush and sheer neutrals to paint freehand lace designs down the center of the nail.

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4. Accent with Flowers

Add pretty flower accents using your sheer polishes. Dot on circles, connect with U shapes.

5. Finish with Top Coat

Seal in your delicate lace nails with a shiny top coat to lock in the design.

Design Variations

lace nail designs

Change up the look of your lace nails with fun colors and patterns:

French Lace Tips

Outline your tips with white, and paint on sheer lace over nude polish for a French twist.

Romantic Florals

Accent your lace with pink and red roses, rhinestones, and gold detailing.

Boho Chic Lace

Go for a 1970’s vibe with mustard lace details over a dark green base.

Bright Color Lace

Make your lace pop by painting it on a black base in neon pink or green.

Holographic Lace

Use a sheer holographic polish layered over white for mesmerizing shine.

Maintenance Tips

nail care tips

Keep your beautiful lace nails looking fresh with these care tips:

Use Thin Layers of Polish

Thin coats dry faster and help prevent chipping and peeling.

Avoid Picking at Nails

Picking at polish can pull up and ruin your lace design.

Wrap Nail Tips

“Wrapping” your tips while painting reduces the chances of tip wear.

Use Cuticle Oil Daily

Keep cuticles moisturized so the polish won’t lift.

Limit Water Exposure

Reduce unnecessary time in the water to stop the polish from lifting or peeling.

Complement Your Look

lace accessories

Play up the feminine vibe of your lace mani with coordinating accessories:

Lacy Tops or Dresses

Wear lace fabric in your clothes like a delicate cami or summer dress.

Dainty Jewelry

Layer on necklaces, rings, and bracelets with charms for accent.

Floral Prints

Choose a handbag, scarf, or shoes featuring floral prints.


Complete the ladylike look with pearl earrings and necklaces.

Woven Straw Accessories

Incorporate natural textures like woven straw hats, totes, and sandals.


Lace nail art is the epitome of a delicate, feminine style for summer. The intricate designs and patterns dress up your manicure for a romantic vibe. Accent with florals, go for soft neutrals or make it pop with colour – either way, your nails will be runway-ready. Care for your lacquered tips properly so the look lasts—pair them with coordinating accessories for a put-together summer ensemble. Your polished lace nails are guaranteed to earn compliments all season long!


What polish colours work best for lace?

Sheer neutrals like nudes, pinks, and taupes look delicate and lace-like over a white base.

What details should I add to lace nails?

Florals, rhinestones, gold accents, and coloured French tips complement lace beautifully.

How can I avoid smudging when painting?

Work slowly with a steady hand, brace fingers on a table, and use a fast-drying top coat.

How long does lace nail art last?

Proper prep and sealing allow lace manicures to last 5-7 days without chipping or wearing away.

What top coat helps lock in designs?

A quick-dry top coat like Seche Vite helps set lacquered nails fast.

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