Tropical Paradise: Toucan Nail Art for Summer

As summer nears, it’s time to get vacation-ready nails that transport you to paradise. And what’s more tropical than adorable toucans? Their bright, oversized beaks make these rainforest birds a fun and quirky nail art motif for the season. Painting freehand toucans allows you to bring a taste of the tropics to your manicure. Read on to learn how to create striking toucan designs perfect for summer!

Supplies Needed

You only need a few basic supplies to recreate lively toucans on your nails:

Base and Top Coat

nail art supplies

Prepping with base coat and sealing with top coat helps the design last.

Black and Orange Nail Polish

These colors are ideal for depicting toucans’ striking black and bright orange beaks.

Nail Art Brush

A thin brush allows you to paint on details like eyes, feathers, and foliage.

Dotting Tool

Use a dotting tool to fill in the toucan’s eye and add texture to feathers.

Step-by-Step Instructions

toucan nail art tutorial

Ready to perch these tropical birds on your nails? Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply Base Coat

Start by applying base coat to prep nails for polish and help it adhere.

2. Paint Perch

Paint a stripe across your nail in brown to serve as a tree branch perch.

3. Paint Toucan Body

Use black polish and your nail art brush to paint the toucan’s body and head shape.

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4. Paint Beak

Use orange polish to fill in a curved beak shape on the toucan’s face.

5. Add Details

Use your dotter and brush to paint eyes, feathers, foliage accents.

6. Finish with Top Coat

Seal in your tropical toucan nails with a glossy top coat.

Design Variations

toucan nail art designs

Have fun playing around with different looks for your toucan nails:

Glitter Toucan

Make it sparkle by painting glitter polish as the background or on the beak.

Neon Toucan

Use bright neons like yellow, pink and green for a playful, vivid look.

Realistic Toucan

Up the realism with feather textures, shadows, and delicate facial details.

Whimsical Toucan

Get creative with patterns, shapes and tropical elements like flowers and leaves.

Minimalist Toucan

Opt for a simple, graphic look using clean lines and blocks of color.

Maintenance Tips

nail care tips

Make your cute toucan mani last using these care tips:

Use Thin Polish Layers

Thinner coats help prevent chipping and increase longevity.

Avoid Picking at Nails

Picking at polish pulls it off, damaging your design.

Wrap Nail Tips

“Wrapping” tips while painting reduces tip wear and peeling.

Use Quick Dry Top Coat

Seche Vite and similar top coats set designs faster and boost wear time.

Moisturize Cuticles

Hydrated, healthy cuticles help polish adhere better to nails.

Complement Your Look

tropical accessories

Play up the tropical vibes of your toucan mani with coordinating accessories:

Leafy Prints

Wear tropical printed shorts, tees, kimonos or sarongs featuring leaves.

Rainforest Jewelry

Adorn with jade, feather, or carved wood statement jewelry.

Braided Sandals

Slip on leather, braided, or hemp sandals.

Woven Bags

Tote a woven beach bag, straw tote, or colorful hobo bag.

Wooden Sunglasses

Shield your eyes with oversized wooden shades.


Let loose your inner tropical bird with these playful toucan nail designs! Their quirky beaks and rainforest flair make them a fun summer motif. Paint on freehand toucans using simple polish, tools, and your creativity. Vary the colors and details for unique looks. Care for your manicure properly so it lasts through all your tropical adventures. Complete the vacation-ready vibe with leafy, woodsy accessories. Your toucan nails will transport you to paradise all season long!


What polish colors work best for toucans?

Black and orange creme polishes are perfect for recreating their striking beaks.

What should I use to paint on details?

A thin nail art brush allows you to handle smallertoucan features like eyes, feathers, etc.

How can I avoid smudging the polish?

Work slowly, brace your hands on a table, use quick dry top coat, and don’t touch nails until fully set.

How long does toucan nail art last?

With proper prep and top coat, it can last 5-7 days without chipping or wearing away.

Can I do this on short nails?

Yes! Toucans work great on short nails. Just size down the design to fit your nail bed.

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